Kingdom Come: Deliverance Gets New Update Video

Warhorse Studios continue to update gamer’s on their upcoming RPG: Kingdom Come: Deliverance, and the newest update video has recently launched.

Warhorse follows up on the alpha’s bug fixes, along with new features like an in-game map and night-day settings, both complimenting impressive visuals.

In addition to the improvements, Warhorse aim to integrate minigames into Kingdom Come: Deliverance. They plan to have a contest on Facebook to determine which minigame will make it into the final game. An alternative camera perspective was recently pitched by the community in the Warhorse forums, though the community’s divided opinion on the perspective has provided a challenge for Vavra and his team.

Vavra also details the beginning of a console version of the game, though he admits the game runs at around “five frames per second.” Clearly, the console version is still extremely young in development, but its existence is promising nonetheless. Due to the lower PC system requirements, Vavra claims a console version should run smoother down the line.

New stretch goals for the game, Vavra said, will be put on hold for the near future in order to focus on the challenges at hand and not to add anything too auxiliary. Kingdom Come: Deliverance will release a new alpha on December 17, 2014.

Check out the full update video below and share your thoughts in the comments: