Etrian Mystery Dungeon Western Release Confirmed

Earlier today, it was leaked by Play-Asia that Etrian Mystery Dungeon, the role-playing lovechild of Etrian Odyssey and Mystery Dungeon, would be coming westward. And now, publisher Atlus has confirmed the information (with the promise of another announcement soon).

Fans of both series’ are in for a treat. Etrian Mystery Dungeon brings to the 3DS a breadth of exciting gameplay options, melding roguelike dungeon crawling, exploration, “a metric buttload of customization” and more into a Frankenstein’s monster of fun. According to the company, the dungeons are randomized and endless, combat is an “ever-changing challenge” and nothing was held back in delivering a loaded handheld RPG.

Check out some screens below, and start counting the days until March 2015.