Etrian Mystery Dungeon Western Release Leaked

Etrian Mystery Dungeon, a sexy combination of Etrian Odyssey and Mystery Dungeon, was just leaked by Play-Asia, famously pricey internet retailer. If the Play-Asia listing is to be believed, the game will be available March, 2015 for the Nintendo 3DS. The listing also includes an extensive features list, product description and more, strengthening the reality of its content.

Check out the features posted:

  • Infinite Dungeons to Explore – Etrian Mystery Dungeon incorporates the random map feature, which changes the floor terrain each time a player enters the dungeon. This core mechanic, inherited from the Mystery Dungeon series, challenges the players with a new maze and stronger monsters every time, offering them unlimited replayability!
  • Attention to Detail – The Etrian Odyssey tradition of party customization is in full effect for Etrian Mystery Dungeon. After the first journey as a Landsknecht, players can freely choose their party of 4 from up to 10 different class types. While each class has a unique skill set of its own, characters can also unlock new skills through skill trees
  • Not Your Grandfather’s Combat – The unique perspective in Etrian Mystery Dungeon means that special care will have to be given when selecting party members and upgrading their abilities. With dungeons chock full of enemies and all the loot and money collected at stake, being 100 percent certain in your party’s abilities is crucial for making it out alive

This is as good a confirmation as any. Western fans rejoice, it appears as though we’ll be exploring an endless assortment of dungeons soon enough.