Unreal Engine 4.6 Now Available

Since its release nine months ago, Epic Games have made significant overhauls each month to Unreal Engine 4. The latest update is no different as the Carolina-based studio is modifying and adding various features, along with updating the Unreal Engine Marketplace with more assets. The biggest addition is the new Mobile Preview, which renders everything created as it would show up on mobile devices.

In addition, the user interface is far more customizable with a new widget-based 3D interface, multiplayer sessions can now be created through Steam and LAN within your blueprint, multiple animation montages can be played on skeletal meshes, support up to 128 unique textures per material has been added and worlds 20km long can be built. These are just the few additions found in the new Unreal Engine 4 update, with enhancements to performance, workflow and education also being touched upon.

At the rate Epic is going though, we’ll be seeing Unreal Engine 5 by the end of next year. Unreal Engine 4.6 is available now to those who have the $19 monthly subscription.