Amiibo Defects Out of Control, Legless Princess Peach for Sale

Recently, a two arm-cannon Samus sold on eBay for a whopping $2500. This resulted in our own Matt Whittaker questioning Samus’ hypothetical (and dangerously impossible) eating habits. And now, in what’s starting to seem like a trend of terribly constructed toys, another Amiibo joins Rudolph on a proverbial iceberg to the Island of Misfit Toys: Princess Peach, popular Nintendo character and infamous tease.

The bid currently sits at around $350 with 5 days to go. Thankfully, the seller was kind enough to provide free shipping. Unfortunately, he or she fails to provide any common sense because who the hell would pay any amount of money for a broken toy?

Apparently, over 30 people. Because that’s how many bids Legless Princess Peach has. While the reserve hasn’t been met yet, the Amiibo already sits at around $350.

While these recent stories may spring doubts about Nintendo’s quality control, or perhaps even emphasize issues with overconsumption and the American economical crisis, to me they spell only one thing: profit. Who knew a buttload of bills could be paid by simply sifting through Walmart’s assortment of damaged goods?

Now, before you march to the shops for your jackpot, remember that the idea was mine so legally you have to give me 50 percent of whatever you make. It’s the law.

Legless Princess Peach