eBay Expects ‘Significant Interest’ For 20th Anniversary PS4 Consoles

Announced just days before it is slated to become available, the Limited Edition 20th Anniversary Edition PlayStation 4 is causing quite the brouhaha. Not only does it prey upon the nostalgia of practically any game over 20 (and looks quite amazing, if we do say so ourselves), but it is available in short supply — only 12,300 units — for one weekend only. It’s the recipe for the perfect storm and one that eBay is already preparing for. The online auction house/retailer has told Hardcore Gamer that they “anticipate that the Limited Edition PS4 will have significant interest on eBay over the coming weeks.” They went on to say that “as gaming enthusiasts and collectors look to own one of the limited quantity units this holiday season, eBay will be a perfect match for both sellers and buyers.”

If even eBay is preparing for its launch, know that all signs now point to this console being resold for extravagant amounts.

Read the original announcement here and watch the first video here.