SaGa 25th Anniversary Livestream Announced, Game Reveal Possible

Square Enix has today announced a special livestream event for the 25th anniversary of their SaGa series. The event will be broadcast on NicoNico on December 14 and feature a day chock full of SaGa activities. The bulk of the day (11 AM to 5:50 PM JST) will be taken up by a walkthrough of the first SaGa game, followed by the main show from 6 PM to 8:10 PM JST where the series will be discussed in greater detail.

Back in January, SaGa creator Akitoshi Kawaza stated that “December of 2014 will be 25 years since the birth of the SaGa series,” says Kawazu. “With that in mind, we’re making various preparations.” Unless he was referring to The Legend of Legacy, it seems to heavily hint that there will be an announcement in store for the series at the event.

We’ll make sure to watch the event and report back with all the details.