SCE San Diego Announces Free-to-Play Title Kill Strain

We finally know what Kill Strain is, being that we knew for the better part of a title with that name was in development due to a trademark discovery early this year. In fact, after Entwined‘s annoucement and release, we reported that Kill Strain could be on the horizon. Sony San Diego, famous for their MLB: The Show franchise, has announced that their second development team is putting out a free-to-play top-down multiplayer shooter in the next year.

Beta sign-ups will begin shortly, according to Christian Phillips’ PlayStation Experience announcement, with pre-release versions hitting the PlayStation 4 next year. Sony San Diego wants Kill Strain to be shaped by player impressions more than developer expectations, so it will be fully playable in pre-alpha form this weekend at PlayStation Experience.

Stay tuned for more information on the PlayStation 4’s latest free-to-play title.