Nintendo Publicly Trolls IGN’s Pokémon Review

Pokémon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby launched a couple of weeks ago to widespread praise. The remake received high scores across the board and it’s a game we especially enjoyed.

Even though the scores were favorable, some reviewers in particular did not enjoy some parts of the game, in particular IGN with the fact that there was “too much water.” The Hoenn region does hold a large volume of surfing area both above and below the surface. While their comment isn’t entirely incorrect, Nintendo took notice.

Through their Super Smash Bros. Facebook account, the Big N took slight jab at the review. While posting a picture of one of the game’s fighters, Greninja, they used a similar caption. Since Greninja is a Water-type Pokémon, the Facebook caption says, “Water, water everywhere…” and sure puts that complaint in its place.

water water everywhere

Nintendo intentionally used that phrase to let them know, “hey, no duh there’s water. It’s not going to disappear because it was a remake.” They don’t seem too upset with the review because they know they did a great job, but it’s amusing they took notice and decided to respond in such a sly, yet obvious way. All the fans in the comment section sure got a kick out of it.