The 5 Greatest Songs in Ace Attorney

The Ace Attorney Games have always been known for their incredible music, but even within such a lauded series, certain songs stand out – be it for their flawless composition, their brilliant arrangements, or above all their striking originality. To celebrate the release of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy, we’ve used a supercomputer to painstakingly calculate the five greatest songs in the entire series’ history. I trust your earholes will have no objections.

5. Great Revival, Miles Edgeworth – Justice for All

Slogging through Justice for All can be a bit of a chore, especially when you get to the circus, but the final case is one of the best standalone mysteries in the series. Farewell, My Turnabout is packed with incredible twists and turns, but the most memorable moment comes when Miles Edgeworth strides back into the courtroom with his head held high. The triumphant song that plays as he enters is so iconic that it was reused for a similar scene in Trials and Tribulations, arguably to even greater effect.

4. The Fragrance of Dark Coffee – Turnabout Jazz Soul

Cool as Edgeworth is, he can’t really hold a candle to Godot, the mysterious masked prosecutor from Trials and Tribulations. Godot is always sipping black coffee – except when he’s throwing it at Phoenix Wright’s head – and that smooth, rich flavor is captured perfectly in this elegant little Jazz number. This is my favorite song to listen to while writing, though if I weren’t cripplingly sad and alone I’d probably use it to set the mood for other… activities.

3. Great Revival, Miles Edgeworth – Turnabout Orchestra

This song, man. This song. Great as it is to hear it in-game, this fully-orchestrated version is positively majestic. Between the soaring wind instruments and the intense drums, it’s almost like listening to a different song entirely. It’s not, but almost. An arrangement very similar to this is used for Edgeworth’s triumphant return in Dual Destinies

2. Great Revival 2009 – Ace Attorney Investigations

Edgeworth and Gumshoe were so popular that they eventually got their own spinoff game, a more traditional side-view point and click adventure that sees the duo chasing after an international smuggling ring. To go with the new style of gameplay and his new leading role, Edgeworth needed a new theme song, and this reworking takes the original Great Revival’s iconic tune and incorporates it into something new and incredible.

1. Great Revival, Miles Edgeworth – Turnabout Jazz Soul

I’m gonna be straight with you here – Godot’s only on the list because there are only four distinct versions of Great Revival (Great Revival 2013 is almost identical to the orchestrated version). This song is just fantastic, and the Jazz arrangement is something else. Whereas just about every other version is as stuffy and pompous as the pro prosecutor himself, this upbeat swing number just makes you feel like cutting loose. Were this theme song entrusted to a less cool-headed man than Edgeworth, he would likely never stop dancing.