John Romero’s DOOM Now Old Enough To Drink

DOOM. Who can forget the age old classic?  Blood and gore! Demons and deathmatches! The truly definitive first-person shooter. Despite the fond memories and a seemingly undying legacy that spans pretty much every console and OS, it nearly slipped under our noses that today id Software’s original hit celebrates its 21st birthday.

Lead game designer John Romero made sure to remind the gaming world by posting several unreleased images of the game’s concept art via Twitter.  As a few users commented, it’s quite interesting to see that several of the game’s wall textures were scanned images of computer circuit boards and that many of the game’s monsters were originally clay models.

Since its original release for MS-DOS on December 10, 1993, DOOM still impressively garners at least a 100 online players every given night. Happy birthday! Anyone up for a deathmatch?