V Characters that Should Return in Street Fighter V

With excitement of Street Fighter V’s announcement still circulating in our bodies, now comes speculation of how the game will pan out. The debut trailer showed veterans Ryu and Chun Li, and it will be a fair while before we learn about the rest of the roster. The classic favorites are sure to return, but throughout the rich history of Street Fighter there have been many cool combatants, with some notable names who haven’t seen any action for a long time. Here are five characters from the series’ past that would make great additions to Street Fighter V’s roster.


Rainbow Mika


This one is an often requested (alongside Karin) female grappler who first won fans over in Street Fighter Alpha 3, and hasn’t appeared in any other game since. R.Mika’s style features high damage grapples nicely mixed with agile Lucha Libre sensibilities, almost like a cross between grappling veteran Zangief and Street Fighter IV’s El Fuerte. Having a highly technical and badass female wrestler would spice up the roster and game balance of Street Fighter V, not to mention a nice alternative to the male heavyweights.


Juli and Juni


Decapre– an apparent Cammy clone– proved to be a worthwhile addition in Ultra Street Fighter IV by bringing in a style that was similar and yet fundamentally different from Cammy’s Canon Spiking ways. Cammy’s sisters/comrades have always been a focus of the series’ setting and plot, so why not bring back Juni and Juli and give their precision-based and high impact fighting style some more representation. The pair of Juni and Juli would bring the same dynamic as brothers Yun and Yang.




Given the apparent dark and serious aesthetic of Street Fighter V, now would be a good time to bring back Remy, someone who has the right look for this new artistic direction. He has special moves that are similar to those of Guile, but unlike the heavy pounding style of everyone’s favorite American soldier, Remy pulls off his offense with more grace and finesse. Remy would make a nice charged-character addition to the roster, and he would even match up nicely against the jumpy style of someone like Vega, using his anti-air strikes and speed for a sound defensive-style play.




Dan is one of those guys who sits at the bottom of the tier rankings for the sake of everyone’s comedic pleasure, but his offbeat style can create some memorable underdog moments. Sean from Street Fighter III, on the other hand, has a style that’s a bit similar to Dan’s except he is no pushover. With his Double-Fist Shoryuken and ground and pound offense, Sean would make a cool addition to the roster, and also serve as a nice middle ground between Dan and Ryu.




Appearing in the 2.5D Street Fighter EX series only, Kairi’s a total badass who deserves more recognition. A fiercely intense rival of Akuma, Kairi is sure to make other combatants quiver with his super charged offense. Mixing hardcore Karate with the demonic ways of Akuma, Kairi brings a high-powered style that can really fit perfectly in any Street Fighter roster. He may belong to a relatively obscure and overlooked spin-off, but that doesn’t take away from the legitimacy of this heavily scarred warrior.


Which dormant combatant would you like to see return in Street Fighter V? Let us know in the comments below.