I Am Bread Gets New Features, Video Update Series

I Am Bread recently debuted on Early Access and developers Bossa Studios have been giving their bizarre little creation the attention it deserves.

A fresh new update has hit I Am Bread. Some of the improvements include:

• Camera sensitivity slider added
• More sound effects on objects
• Mouse pointer is now only displayed in menus when using controller
• Keyboard is now configurable
• Controller improved for UI
• Grading rebalanced to be fairer
• UI improvements
• Improved lighting for high visual quality settings
• Various bugs fixed

In addition to the fresh new update, Bossa Studios have debuted their Bread Diaries series, a collection of video updates and community news to be released over the course of I Am Bread‘s development.

Check out the video below and see all the updates brought to I Am Bread. Also, don’t forget to check out our official preview of the Early Access game.