Tower of Guns Coming to PS3 and PS4 -Update- And Xbox One

Tower of Guns is awesome and should be owned by everyone everywhere, so it’s only fitting that it gets released on more platforms than computer.  Today’s Sony blog post is from Jakub Dvorský (of Amanita Designs, best known for the wonderful Machinarium) announcing that his company is porting Joe Mirabello’s incredible FPS to Sony’s consoles.  That’s really pretty much the whole post right there, barring a description of the game, so here’s why you shouldn’t be thinking “Oh joy, another indie!” right now-

Tower of Guns is a semi-roguelike FPS in the Quake style, all speed, enemies, and walls of bullets with not a single low-lying wall to crouch behind in sight.  Each room and encounter is hand-crafted, but the order you see them is random as are the endlessly-stackable powerups you find along the way, and there are so many possible variations that it’s going to take dozens of runs before familiarity takes the edge off opening the door into a new area.  My personal experience with the game was that, for a couple months after that review linked in the first paragraph, it was the game I used to waste time when I should have been doing something else, and Steam tells me I’ve put 70 hours into it so far.  Tower of Guns is a big, sprawling, silly epic of twitch FPS action, ridiculously fun and always the best kind of challenge.  Now it’s coming to both PS3 and PS4, giving a whole new audience the chance to septuple-jump past giant grinding machinery, dodging like mad while weilding weapons like the 609mm Hand Cannon or the Kegerator, desperately trying not to get splatted into bits by the wall of giant bullet-death flying their way.

Update-  Turns out it’s coming to Xbox One as well.  Can’t imagine why this information wouldn’t have been communicated through the Sony blog…