Incredibly Cute New Cube And Me Details, Demo And Kickstarter Relaunch

We featured Cube And Me‘s initial Kickstarter and Greenlight campaign earlier this Fall, and since then the team has been plugging away at this permadeath pet simulator/ RTS dungeon crawler.

In Cube And Me, you’re a Pokémon Ash-like cube wrangler tasked with keeping an array of adorable boxlike buddies alive and content both in casual scenarios and intense, hectic real-time combat. That cube you’ve spent hours pampering can die permanently in a fight, so be sure not to lose it! Fighting in the game’s procedurally generated dungeons will allow your cubes to evolve and some nudging will encourage breeding for more diverse pet populations!

A demo is now available on Gamejolt and the team have relaunched their Kickstarter to fund the last five months of development. The Greenlight campaign has been successful, so keep an eye out for when this hits Steam!