Killer Instinct Gets a Cybernetic Dinosaur

If robot dinosaurs replace zombies and Nazis as the go-to video game enemy, the world will be a much better place. In 2014’s second instance of metal dinosaurs, the first being the insane concept art from Guerilla’s upcoming PlayStation 4 RPG, Killer Instinct‘s newest character has been revealed. This is the closest we’ll ever come to getting a sequel to Rugrats: Search for Reptar, the greatest video game of all time, as Riptor is back.

Explaining all of Riptor’s incredible characteristics would be an enjoyable experience, but thankfully these outrageous statistics have already done that for me. Seriously though, can anyone come up with a better personality trait for a dinosaur than this:

Age: 1
Height: 6’2” normal stance
Nationality: N/A – she’s product.
Gender: Female
Type: Cybernetic Raptor
Personality Traits: RAWRRRR
Weapon: What isn’t?
Blood Type: Uh…

More information on Riptor will be released in the coming days, as a full trailer and livestream showing footage of this gorgeous metal beast will arrive on December 15.