Killer Instinct’s 2.2 Update Will be 10 GB, ‘Holiday Cheer’ Costumes Coming

Riptor’s new cybernetic makeover isn’t the only big change coming to Killer Instinct. Fans have been eagerly awaiting this month’s massive 2.2 update that will bring new stages, balance updates and more, and Microsoft’s creative director Adam Isgreen just revealed on the official Killer Instinct forums that the update will clock in at about 10 GB.

“One of the things we’re starting to address (slow character loading) required a rebuild of all the content packages, and that means a big re-download of the game. You should see a slight decrease in load times now, and this will continue to improve over the next several months’ updates,” wrote Isgreen.

Additionally, Isgreen took the time to tease some “holiday cheer” costumes that will only be available to download between the game’s upcoming 2.2 update release later this month and January 1, 2015, after which time they will disappear. The Christmas-themed costumes for Orchid and Sabrewulf will be free only to those who own Season 1 Ultra Edition; the costume for TJ Combo will be free to those who own Season 2 Ultra Edition. The costumes will be available to purchase separately for those without either Ultra Edition, but no price was announced.