White Night Will Scare You In Style Come Early 2015

It’s not often that a game can draw me in with a single screenshot, but White Night is without doubt one of the most striking games coming in the near future. This indie survival horror game blends the directorial sensibilities of  Alfred Hitchcock with stark black and white visual trappings reminiscent of Mad World to create a style all its own. And when I call this survival horror, I do mean survival horror, as Ossome Studio aims to pay homage to the original Alone in the Dark. It’s not often we see a horror title like this with actual game mechanics, and the long-shots and careful cinematography of White Night should make for a refreshing break from all the first-person pseudo-stealth that’s currently dominating the horror genre.

Originally slated just for PC, this unique little horror game was eventually brought to Xbox One, and now it looks like it’ll be heading to PS4 as well. No matter what your console of choice, it’s sure to send a chill down your spine upon release. This IGF 2015 teaser for the game does a great job of that already: