All Steam Games Now Region Locked?

It’s been a long time coming, but Steam may have finally made all games region locked on the platform. While due to it being a digital marketplace, this move likely would only affect (and would almost certainly be done because of) those who sell and purchase games from international sources. Games in regions like Russia and Brazil are substantially cheaper than in the United States and Europe due to rampant piracy, so it’s common for people in these regions to purchase numerous Steam Gifts and sell them to gamers out west at a discount. There’s also a chance that this could be a response to the crumbling Russian Ruble.

The news came from Tomáš Duda, who developed Euro Truck Simulator 2, first stating that “The same region lock applies to Indonesia and close regions, and Brazil and close regions” and posting the following picture:

He then confirmed that the lock would apply to other regions such as Indonesia and Brazil.

At the moment, it seems that those who have already activated games originating outside their region will still have access to them.