DS Version of Frozen: Olaf’s Quest Outsells 3DS Version

Ah, Frozen: Olaf’s Quest. I still remember sitting back with our staff in October of last year debating whether or not we should review it. After all, we’ve certainly reviewed worse. Instead of shoveling it off to Lee, however, we decided to pass and focus on more important things like the upcoming release of Petz Beach. Little did we know, however, that Frozen would become a cultural phenomenon and developer 1st Playable Productions would have the last laugh.

Instead of being a typical video game adaption that sees decent sales around the release of the movie before swiftly making a trip to the bargain bin, however, Frozen Olaf’s Quest has been a consistent seller on both the 3DS and DS thanks to the film its based on growing more popular by the day. The shocking thing, however, isn’t so much that it’s selling, but which platform it’s selling most on. Its UK publisher Avanquest revealed that the DS version of the game has outsold the 3DS version. That’s right, a ten year old console that Nintendo doesn’t even manufacture anymore is not only still getting software sales, but has even managed to beat out the 3DS in this case.

It just goes to show you how huge the DS install base really is.