A Good Snowman is Hard to Build Trailer Shows Most Adorable Sokoban Ever

Sokoban is a game about pushing blocks into their proper place in the fewest number of moves, with the puzzles constructed around making it as difficult as possible to do so.  It’s a good pure-logic game, but kind of lacking in the cuteness department.  A Good Snowman is Hard to Build takes the basic Sokoban structure and changes it into a monster building snowmen in the park, which adds some nice wrinkles to the setup while also amping the adorableness factor up by a few thousand percent.  The display levels in the video show each puzzle starting with three snowballs of the same size, and of course a good snowman needs them in big, medium, and small sizes.  Roll a ball through the snow and it grows a size while leaving grass behind, which means you need to plot a course that leaves the small snowball a clean path to the big one, and the to-be-medium ball just enough snow to not grow too big when rolling to the big ball’s resting place.  Build a snowman, unlock the gate to the next area, get a happy black monster-beast.  Check it out below to get a sense of the puzzle-y possibilities.