Metal Gear Series Surpasses 40 Million Worldwide

Just in time for Christmas, Famitsu is reporting that Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear franchise has now surpassed 40 million units sold worldwide. The series started back in 1987 on MSX2 with Metal Gear, featuring a the iconic hero Solid Snake infiltrating Outer Haven and putting an end to the nuclear threat.

In light of this news, Konami has issued a sale on the PlayStation Store between December 25 and January 7 for all Japanese users to partake in. They’re offering Metal Gear Solid HD Edition for both PS Vita and PS3 at a reduced price of ¥2,000, with Zone of Enders HD Edition dropping to ¥1,000 and Policenauts ¥500. It’s hard to believe the series is nearing its thirtieth year, with hopefully a steady improvement over each installment yet to come.