Uno Delisted From Xbox Live

Those who had an Xbox 360 near its launch know the importance of Uno. Although a mere digital version of a simplistic card game to some, Uno on Xbox Live was the first truly online connective console experience for many. During its heyday, it was common to find thousands of people playing the game at once, gleefully voice chatting with one another about matters ranging from the hilarious to the serious (it was amazing how many people would use the game as an outlet to air personal grievances). Heck, even a couple or two was created from the game. Yes, Uno was an experience and now one that can no longer be had.

As of today, the card game and its sequel — Uno Rush –are no longer available on Xbox Live. Sad and quite frankly shocking considering next May would have been its nine year anniversary.

The delisting comes in the wake of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Video Game and Marvel vs. Capcom: Origins also being delisted from the service. No word on why.