Shooter for a Lazy Sunday Afternoon: MetritronHF

It’s Sunday afternoon right now, the world is covered in ice so going outside seems like a terrible idea, but diving in deep to challenging game mechanics requires more brain than a lazy day has supplied.  It’s the perfect time for a bit of twin-stick shooting, preferably something simple and colorful with a few billion particles for good measure.  And here’s MetritronHF, free/pay-what-you-want over on, to perfectly fulfill those requirements.

You’re a square, there’s various baddies scattered around the level tracking you down, you shoot them, they burst into a million square particles.  The first couple enemies just track you down but soon enough bigger ones appear that pop open with a swarm of skulls, or coffins show up that can’t be destroyed until all other enemies are cleared.  The critters are single-color non-animated sprites, but they’ve got a large variety of actions that keep getting layered in the farther you go.  Soon enough they’re firing back, and then all bullet hell breaks loose with purple shots, hordes of enemies, and endless particles flying everywhere.

Simple is nice on a lazy afternoon, but it’s not the same as easy.  MetritronHF scratches that part of the brain that wants to be challenged but doesn’t feel like going crazy about it, providing a perfect bit of arcade action using familiar mechanics in its own unique style.  Head on over and give it a look, and if it seems a bit easy at the beginning, keep going.  The screen gets crowded with all the deadly things soon enough.