Welcome Big Bad Wolf, RPG-Focused Studio

Hailing from Bordeaux, France comes a new video game studio heavily focused on RPGs. The group is made up of veterans from Cyanide, Ubisoft, and Blizzard all wanting to create narrative driven games. They’ve worked on titles such as Game of Thrones, Of Orcs and Men, Styx: Master of Shadows, World of Warcraft, Blood Bowl, and Loki: Heroes of Mythology.

Already working on a new IP, Big Bad Wolf has two main tenets and they are emotion and choice. Their editorial line of focuses goes as follows:

  • Real choices
  • Emotions
  • A modern vision of role playing
  • Poignant scenarios
  • High quality production
  • Original universes
  • A mature tone

The idea is to create mature games where choice actually means something. To emotionally invest the player into spending hours in a world because they care. Big Bad Wolf is revisiting the genre of RPG where the story and the way its told can’t be separated. A dark experience in their unique style.

It’ll be a while before we find out whether or not they’re up for the task as they are still in pre-production. Right now the game is set to be released on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.