How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend Coming to Vita

Fans of the Japanese light novel series: Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend should be pretty darn excited. With over 2 years of whimsical romance to read through, a manga adaptation and upcoming anime, the newly announced PS Vita game is only the rich, delicious buttercream icing on what will no doubt be a perverted cake–uh, game.

The story, not unlike that of the novel, follows protagonist Tomoya Aki as he chats up a bunch of pretty ladies and develops a doujin game based on their opinions and interests (to sell at Comiket, of course). Information probing, or “alone time” will help determine the types of anime and novels that appeal most to the target audience, and your choices during moments of clashing opinions between the girls will shape the story and its conclusion.

According to Gamestalk, the game features “Live2D technology” which will ensure the characters are “lively.” The game, developed by 5pb. inc. is set to release Spring, 2015 in Japan. Sadly, it’s unlikely the title will make its way westward. That said, Brian H. Griffin’s tantalizingly motivating “Wish it. Want it. Do it.” is available now for those with the power to believe.