The $99 Razer Forge TV Packs a Punch

During CES 2015, Razer announced an impressive (and tiny) new console: Razer Forge TV. While Ouya comparisons — and jokes — immediately jump to mind, the sexy little device packs the type of punch that could actually run games at speeds beyond those of a three-toed sloth. And with an Adreno 420 GPU, 2GB of RAM, and a 16GB HDD, it’s certainly something.

Content wise, the console boasts access to the vast Google Play library as well as the “Razer Cortex: Stream,” the company’s “innovative” streaming technology which will — according to Razer — be capable of running players’ PC titles smoothly. Additional streaming avenues will be available, including, Origin and Steam.

Without a controller, the console will run interested parties $99.99 — a true value given the wave of broken promises and disappointing performances across the Android console market. The bundle goes for an additional $50, although the console will be compatible with the company’s upcoming keyboard-mouse combo. While there’s currently no solid release date, an announcement is imminent.