Codemasters Laying Off Nearly 10% of Workforce

Codemasters has been around for nearly thirty years, cranking out scores of solid racers for practically every console generation during their existence. In fact both F1 2014 and Grid Autosport were nominated for Best Racer at our 2014 Game of the Year Awards. Unfortunately, however, it seems that quality isn’t enough to keep a studio a float and it’s been revealed today that the company is facing layoffs. 50 jobs are being reviewed and out of those at least 30 will be terminated. At a company of 500, this makes for around 10% of their total workforce.

The layoffs will focus on redundancies in the brand and IT departments. Programmers and production staff are safe, but designers and artists from the Dirt and Grid teams could be let go. This will not, however, effect the new Dirt game in development.

Codemasters have yet to release games for the PS4 or Xbox One.

Source: Eurogamer