Drift Stage Kickstarter is Green for Go

Drift Stage released a demo late last week in preparation for its Kickstarter launch, and it looks like that did the trick to get people interested.  The campaign launched today with a relatively modest $30,000 goal and, as of the time of this writing, is pushing $13,000 and working its way rapidly to the 50% point.  It’s a great start for the ultra-80s racer, and while the demo helped raise the game’s profile there’s a lot more information in the campaign to grab your attention.

The demo is a small single-course time trial, which is great for getting a feel for Drift Stage’s approach to arcade racing but still only a small sliver of what the final game will have to offer.  More cars than the one we’ve gotten to play with so far, of course, but also a story-based Career Mode, quick-hit single races, daily challenges, and even a randomly-generated track to test your reflexes on.  There’s also a track editor planned, for those who like applying a more personal touch to their power-sliding fantasies.  Also shown off in the video trailer is a new environment to complement the sunset cityscape of the demo, a seaside track cutting through hills and ravines in a pretty green countryside, with other settings hinted at.  Drift Stage is still in early alpha, so there’s a lot of work left to do before everything can be shown off, but what’s been revealed so far is plenty to get excited about.

Drift Stage is already a great throwback to the memory of early arcade racing, with a killer style and amazing soundtrack.  Its Kickstarter is off to a great start and will hopefully allow for a few stretch goals of extra content as it blows past the initial goal.  It wouldn’t be much of a racing throwback without the ability to power-slide a sheep, after all.