Friday The 13th Game in Development

Jason Voorhees is returning to the video game realm. According to EGM for the first time in 25 years the horror icon has a game in development.

The game for now is being called Friday the 13th and will follow the style of Evolve where you and friends get to play as Voorhees or be his victims. With an experienced developer at the helm Cunningham and company are expecting an October release this year alongside the upcoming Friday the 13th television series.

“With a new television series on the horizon and plans announced for the thirteenth installment of the film franchise, we felt the timing was right to finally explore Jason, Camp Crystal Lake, and the rest of the Friday the 13th story in interactive form,” explains Sean S. Cunningham, creator of the original film that is credited by many as the genesis of the slasher/horror genre. “We have some exciting new ideas for a game that supplies plenty of replay value, while delivering the kinds of thrills and scares that fans of the franchise have come to expect.”

Right now Friday the 13th is in development for multiple platforms and you can expect a more official announcement in the coming weeks.