Stardock CEO Teases Three New Games On Twitter

Brad Wardell is the president and CEO of Stardock, a company obsessed over by a certain group of gamers and completely unknown by a larger chunk. The games it develops or produces tend to fit this delicious little niche, and its past titles have included games like the Galactic Civilization series and Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion. Strategy buffs might have reason to get excited, as Brad Wardell teased three new games on Twitter yesterday.

This is all the information that has been revealed at the moment, so we don’t even exactly know what he means by “bigger” games. More content? Larger maps? Extra bulky packaging? Forty-five days from now is just before GDC 2015, so perhaps we will find out more then. Strategy fans should be working on clearing out their backlog though, as three new Stardock games could keep them busy for quite some time.