DestinyQuest Infinite is ‘Bigger than a Banana’, Act 1 Coming Soon

There’s big, and then there’s “bigger than a banana.” Weighing in at nearly 2 pounds, Michael J. Ward’s DestinyQuest is certainly one of the heftiest books on the market, and its gamebook adaptation, “DestinyQuest Infinite” follows in its papery footsteps.

Featuring all the absorbing qualities of the book (mystery, magic, and a past forgotten), the addition of RPG elements, “a unique quest system,” branching paths, strategic combat, heaps of equipment, skills, loot and more make DestinyQuest Infinite a must-have for fans of the fantastical.

The game will release in three acts, each of which will feature a healthy chunk of story. The first, DestinyQuest Infinite: Act 1, launches January 21, 2015, with Act 2 and Act 3 following in February and March respectively. The entire game can be preordered for $14.99, with each individual act priced at $5.99.

Those on the fence can enjoy a free demo (no installation or download required) by clicking these words. For more information, visit the official website.