New Sunset TV Details Weapon Conceived by Reddit

As if Reddit wasn’t bizarre enough, the Sunset Overdrive subreddit has come up with a weapon for Insomniac’s uber-colorful game that is positively…inappropriate. According to the latest episode of Sunset TV, the Circle Jerk will shoot flaming up-votes when right-side-up and freezing down-votes when flipped upside-down. Yeah, that’s a thing I suppose.

There’s no word as to whether the Circle Jerk will actually be implemented in Sunset Overdrive, though, in theory, it’s a pretty cool idea for a weapon. Being that Sunset Overdrive doesn’t use every single button on the controller, mapping the gun-flip mechanic wouldn’t be too difficult. If you’re interested in seeing Insomniac’s Brandon Winfrey react to the name of this bizarre weapon, check out the latest episode of Sunset TV: