Bundle Stars Launches Bundle Fest X2

The Bundle Stars are back with Bundle Fest X2. This gaming celebration will feature 10 Steam game bundles unveiled over the course of five days, with two bundles launching per day. The first two bundles are the Fully Loaded and Abstract bundles, with the former costing $4.99 and the latter having a $2.49 price tag with a caveat attached – a countdown clock indicates that it’s a re-bundle. That super-low price won’t last forever, so if you want its contents, act fast.

The Fully Loaded bundle is all-new, and a must-have. For $5, you get Wrack, DARK, BlazeRush, Onikara: Demon Killer, Super Toy Cars, Magnetic By Nature, Silence of the Sleep, The Joylancer: Legendary Motor Knight, The Detail, and Z. Having played BlazeRush and Magnetic By Nature, I can say that it’s worth getting just for those two. BlazeRush is a flawed, but fun racer while Magnetic By Nature is the best platformer available on the OUYA and was one of my top 10 games for 2014. The Joylancer looks like a fantastic action-platformer, and it reminds me a little bit of Drill Dozer mixed with a very vibrant art style that bathes the screen in extreme colors.