DirectX 12 Will Halve the Power Consumption Cost of DirectX 11

Among the many features that Microsoft’s Xbox One boss, Phil Spencer, mentioned today at Microsoft’s Windows 10 event, DirectX 12’s focus on lower power consumption might be the least exciting on the surface, but will likely end up being the best overall. Spencer announced that DirectX 12 will halve the power consumption required by DirectX 11.

It’s not the most incredible announcement, especially in the face of Game DVR, cross-platform multiplayer, and in-home streaming of Xbox One games, but it’s the one that will likely affect you the most. Reducing power consumption is good for your bill, good for the environment, and means playing a game on a future Windows 10 laptop won’t kill the battery nearly as fast as it does today.

It’s a great move by Microsoft, even if it isn’t the most splashy.