Pre-Order Stunning Castlevania Dracula Figure

First 4 Figures has produced a limited amount of exquisitely detailed figures of Dracula from the critically-maligned Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2. Dracula is portrayed sitting on his throne, similar to what players see in the opening scene of the game. He’d just woken up from a thousand year nap, so it’s pretty understandable for him to be a bit weak. His mood and physical attributes are perfectly recreated in this gorgeous piece.

The figure stands at a whopping 18 inches and is hand painted in outstanding detail. Customers have the option to ask the manufacturer to swap out the right hand to have Dracula hold his chalice if that’s if that is indeed their preference. This gorgeous piece of plastic will make for the perfect center piece of any Castlevania collection. Make sure to pre-order now as there are only 425 figures available, and be sure to check out the photos below.