Xbox App Coming to Windows 10

Microsoft’s Xbox boss, Phil Spencer, announced at the Windows 10 conference today that a dedicated Xbox app will be coming to Windows 10, allowing better integration between your console, your PC, and your tablets.

The app will allow you to do social tasks like message your friends on Xbox Live, check their status, view your games, and compare Achievements, but it also has much deeper functionality, like Game DVR to automatically record your last 30 seconds of gameplay and stream your Xbox One games to your PC or tablet. You’ll also be able to share your clips to friends, and view and comment on their clips as well.

Spencer said that Microsoft wants to “treat gaming on Windows 10 with as much passion and energy as we have on the Xbox console,” and it appears that the company is doing just that. Whether that will be enough to offer real competition to Valve’s Steam platform, especially given that Microsoft’s last effort on PC, Games for Windows Live, was completely dismantled recently, remains to be seen, but it’s still a smart move overall.