Early Access Launched for Ratz Instagib

When you’re locked up in an intense shoot-out in many games it can be frustrating. Many times you’ll get fed up for a number of reasons, but to quell all worries you can check out Ratz Instagib¬†right now on Steam.

It’s a simple shooter with a one shot, one kill system. The best way to play is to jump around and boost yourself higher to avoid getting hit. It’ll take a lot of practice to successfully target an opponent while in the air. Matches go quickly and let you jump right in to the action instead of spectating.

Ratz Instagib has a lot of content for such a small game at the moment and it’s all simple. There are eight maps and a few different modes of play including deathmatch and capture the flag. Getting into the early access now will give you plenty of time to fine-tune your skills.