Obtain Unova Starter Pokémon for Ruby and Sapphire

If you’ve been having trouble catching them all and don’t want to bother with the Pokémon Bank, perhaps this bit of news will relieve you. Starting today, you’ll be able to obtain the first of three Unova starter Pokémon from the Black and White series for your new Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby games.

The first is a special level 50 Serperior with its hidden ability Contrary. This allows stat changes to have the reverse effects. Moves that normally increase stats will decrease them and vice-versa. Serperior also comes with Hold Back, a special move similar to False Swipe that will always leave the opponent with at least 1 HP. Only event Pokémon come with that attack.

Using the code: POKEMON497 at the start of the game will deliver it straight to the Pokémon Center for pick-up. Serperior expires all the way in November, so there’s plenty of time. Next week you’ll be able to receive Emboar and after that will be Samurott through different methods. Go here for more details.