The Order 1886 Alternate Reality Game ‘Exposed’ Launches

Sony has done a great job globally promoting The Order 1886 thus far, with just the right amount of information rolled out over the past few years to hold our interest and keep us excited. They’ve also relied on non-traditional means such as launching faux news stories and other viral marketing. Today comes the biggest piece of that yet as an Alternate Reality Game (also known as an ARG) has launched for the game.

Dubbed “The Order Exposed,” the website has links to multiple pieces of writing, images and videos that hint at various parts of The Order’s backstory.

Although official, the site is pretested in a fan or witness made way and states the following:

“I started this blog to share what I’ve discovered: some of the secrets behind the Order of Her Majesty’s Royal Knights. A group shrouded in mystery and legend, whose efforts may have implications that reach into the present. This is too big for just one person – please help me expose the truth.”

We’ll keep our eyes peeled and see what comes of it.