Dragon’s Dogma Online Announced for PS4, PS3 and PC

While it was rumored for quite some time now, especially with Capcom trademarking the name of the game late last year, the next Dragon’s Dogma title has been announced. Officially titled Dragon’s Dogma Online, this will be a free-to-play game where players will take control of an “Awakened” character in the land of Lestaria.

Similar to the first game, players will be joined with four different characters, but in addition of filling the team with random AI, you can now recruit real people as you try to take down hulking mythological beasts. The game will launch with four interchangeable job classes: Fighter, Hunter, Priest and Shield Sage.

While I’m sure this isn’t the direction fans expected the series to go, this is at least better than the online functionality in the first game. Dragon’s Dogma Online will be out sometime this year for PS4, PS3 and PC, and will be completely free-to-play with obvious micro-transactions tied to its service.