First Escape Dead Island DLC ‘Underwater Labs’ Revealed

On a list of games that need DLC, Escape Dead Island isn’t exactly near the top of the list. After all, the game is practically universally considered to be unadulterated crap, a game so bad that Walmart had to bribe people to buy it by including a free copy of Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition. Now, for some reason, DLC will soon be released for the game. Dubbed “Underwater Labs,” nothing is yet known about the DLC besides the fact that it takes place underground labs.

Anyways, we’ll be sure to update you when a price and date are available. In the meantime, scope the achievements below:

Deep One – 25
Find all the underground secondary areas

Lab Rat – 25
Find the underground labs

Praise The Light! – 50
Complete the underground labs

Lil Slugger – 10
Acquire the walloper

Duty Calls – 10
Acquire the assault rifle

Hail Mary – 25
Kill 10 enemies at long range with the walloper

Blaster From The Past – 25
Kill 100 enemies with the assault rifle

Memorial – 25
Collect all of Ronald’s logs

It’s Super Effective! – 25
Kill a Dweller using an environmental hazard

Apex Predator – 25
Stealth kill a Dweller