New Pokémon Movie Coming to DVD in February

Ah, Pokémon movies. How we long for the days where we stood in line at a theater, clamoring not only to witness our favorite Mews and Mewtwos on the big screen, but come home with an exclusive card souvenir. Sadly, the days of Pokémon movies being in demand enough to warrant a theater rollout are long behind us, but the films themselves are still coming out at a rapid fire pace.

Viz has announced today that Pokémon the Movie: Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction will be coming to DVD on February 17th. The seventeenth feature Pokémon film, the movie is also the first inspired by the X and Y games.

More still, a manga adaption will be released on February 3.

Check out the cover art of both below:

Pokemon-Movie17-Diancie-DVD-3D Pokemon_Movie17-Diancie-Manga