Third Sword Art Online Lost Song Trailer Promises School Girl Outfits For All

As the sequel to one of our lowest scoring games of last year, we’re remaining cautious about Sword Art Online: Lost Song, but it does get more promising the more we see of it. Bandai Namco’s third trailer for the game, unveiled today, showcases a lot of potential strengths. The ability to fly might make the lame duck combat system more exciting, especially if Namco removes the auto-attack mechanic and shoots for something more action-oriented than the last game.

Flight looks especially interesting during boss fights, which promise to be bigger and more complex than the dull single-room affairs of Hollow Fragment. We’re also happy to be able to play as someone – literally anyone – other than Kirito.

Of course, none of that is likely to excite SAO fans so much as the ability to dress up the series’ various waifus in Sailor-fuku schoolgirl uniforms.