Drive Any Track Looks Like Audiosurf: The Stunt Racer

Driving and music are the synesthetic equivalent of peanut butter and chocolate, so why haven’t they been merged together yet?  Drive Any Track dropped its first trailer today to show the world what happens when you combine music-based course generation with acrobatic score-attack stunt racing.  At it turns out, it looks pretty slick.

Drive Any Track takes your music and crafts a specific track from it, using the song structure to place checkpoints and obstacles along the way.  The video shows off single-player score attack as well as multiplayer similar to Trackmania, where your challenge is the track rather than other racers who you ghost on through.  Catch air off ramps, power-slide through turns, and pick up all the goodies to combo points together while the music you’ve chosen pushes (not “drives”, no; we’re not stooping that low) you forward.  It’s the kind of simple idea that makes you wonder how on earth we haven’t seen this already.  No matter how belated it may be, though Drive Any Track is in development now, and just needs a little Greenlight help to get to Steam.