Hatred Opens Pre-Orders, Gets New Trailer

Despite its insane level of controversy, it’s hard to believe that we’ve really only seen one gameplay trailer of the ultra-violent, now AO-rated Hatred. That changed today, as Destructive Creations brought a new gameplay trailer to celebrate the opening of pre-orders for the game.

It’s about as angsty and gory as anyone can expect with Hatred, but there is a feature of new weapons (like the flamethrower, which features an extremely violent animation) and more executions.

Destructive Creations has also opened pre-orders for the game, with the base package of the game for 16,66 € and a package of both the game and a Hatred t-shirt for 36,66 €. Both pre-order packages will get you the official game soundtrack for free.

The game can be pre-ordered on the game’s official site. Check out the new trailer below, but a warning: it contains very violent and mature material.