Only Hours Left, Download D4 Now You Goons

It wasn’t long ago that D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die made a surprise appearance on the Xbox One marketplace, a game that had little to no hype or promotion, suddenly just dropped on everyone during Tokyo Game Show 2014. Despite positive reception from the press, including a glowing review from us, D4 never really took off. It’s hard for people to care about something when its own publisher (Microsoft) doesn’t seem fussed. Just mere months after its release, D4 joined January’s Games with Gold line-up, a free download for any Xbox One owner with an Xbox Live Gold subscription. A move that honestly, wasn’t a good indication of its performance and Microsoft’s attitude towards it. That said, this was finally a chance for D4 to reach a wider audience and generate some buzz and interest. In a way, this is like Microsoft testing waters with a product that still needs support. After all, D4 is only a mere few episodes into its first season.

So while D4 may not be making money especially when it’s being given away for free, but getting enough of the install-base to own the base package, and to experience its brilliance for free, is perhaps a smart way to get gamers on board and justify the continuation of the series. The Games with Gold campaign has resulted in over 1 million downloads for D4, this is an impressive figure, but when you consider that the install-base of the console has gone over 6 million units to date, then there is a little concern here. D4 is as much of an quintessential Xbox One exclusive as any other first party title on the system, and with virtually every One owner having a Gold subscription for all their  Call of Duty needs, it’s honestly surprising that the downloads have not surpassed 1 million given that it’s been free for a full month.


SWERY65 is an enthusiastic and all round awesome guy, and his team created something that should be championed. With so much whining and complaining these days focusing on games being same old same old (among other cans of worms that aren’t worth opening right now), it’s a little upsetting to see an exemplar of creative genius like D4 not achieve mainstream appeal and support. This game deserves your support, and the fact that they have to use an adorable monkey to get you goons to try an amazing adventure for the cost of FREE is just heartbreaking. Just look at his sad little eyes in a series of tweets by developer Access Games. I know I’ve said this for the fourth or fifth time now, but this game is F R E E. And yet, this poor little guy still has to convince you to use up some hard drive space to experience a truly special adventure game.

So folks, the Games for Gold January campaign is coming to an end. This is your last chance to download D4… and this bears repeating… for FREE. In fact, even the game’s superb soundtrack is on the official YouTube channel in its entirety. If you were among those who purchased the game for its very reasonable price before January, then you’re awesome and you should feel proud of supporting it. Those of you who had the motivation to download and play, welcome to the club! Your interest may guarantee more episodes and seasons. The rest of you Gold members who still can’t be bothered to download D4, now is your last chance. So get D4 NOW, you goons. Heck… if you somehow forget to do this, then you should STILL buy SWERY65’s classic anyway because damn it… it will make your day.