Watch This Slightly Disturbing Borderlands Super Bowl Ad

The Super Bowl is the prime time slot for controversial commercials. Well, this late entry to the mix won’t air on television due to its obscene nature, and also because they forgot to submit it in time (which, you know, would have helped). Borderlands is already known for gross humor and language, something we’re all used to, but this ad is sure to turn a few uninitiated heads.

This particular ad depicts an overly aged man-child bored with all his current toys. His mother then spoils him with a remote controlled Claptrap toy, much to his appreciation. It’s all fun until the “kid” randomly licks the entire side of Claptrap’s body, which is as disgusting as you think it would be.

You can watch it for yourself below. It’s actually used to promote the upcoming Handsome Collection but as with all commercials, it’s hard to tell what they’re trying to sell you until the very end.