Platinum Games Stealth Releases New Bayonetta

If Platinum Games were a NASCAR racer or long distance runner, they’d surely be doing a victory lap after the banner 2014 they had. While the year overall was fairly quiet for the developer, they managed to release incredible Bayonetta 2 and re-make the original. But Platinum isn’t stopping there.

The developer has released a new Bayonetta game online for absolutely free that features an 8-bit version of the titular hero doing battle against enemies constantly encroaching from the right side of the screen. Making things difficult is the fact that she can only jump or attack and the entire game is controlled by only the Space and Enter Key.

It’s surprisingly addictive and the fact that players can tweet their scores will likely mean hours upon hours of lives being wasted in a quest to have Bayonetta survive as long as possible.

Check it out here.