Kickstarter Platformer ‘Orphan’ Gets PS4 Stretch Goal

There are a lot of 2D platformers out there, both available now and seeking crowdfunding support. With that said, some titles still manage to shine thanks to their distinctive qualities. Orphan may be one such game. It takes place after aliens have come and invaded the Earth. A young child has survived the onslaught but must now take action to stay alive.

So far the Kickstarter for Orphan has raised a little under 20% of its $32,000 goal. To help spur more interest to this action platformer the developer has revealed the first stretch goal. If they can raise $36,000 then the game will be coming to PS4 (pending Sony approval).

For reference, Orphan was already approved via Steam Greenlight and has 27 days left to go on its campaign.